OM Bell, Tibetan Bell, Vastu Bell

Benefits :

  • It removes negative, stress, psychic, depression, etc. energies from the place.

  • It improves the surroundings with positive and harmonious energies.

  • Cleanses and energizes the surrounding when used. Thus the user and the surrounding will be filled with Divine Positive energy.

  •  Each and every Divine Bell is tested for the sound OM.

It removes negative, stress, psychic, depression, etc energies from the place. It improves the surroundings with positive and harmonious energies.


Hold the top portion of the OM Bell with your non-dominating hand, take the stick in your dominating hand and touch the rim of the bell with the stick and rotate anti-clockwise. Produces OM Sound.


When you touch the rim and rotate your hand anti-clock direction with the help of stick OM sound is produced. This is the Universal sound when this sound comes in contact with negative energies, these negative energies get dispersed.


Cleanses and Energises the surroundings when used. Thus the user and the surrounding will be filled with Divine Positive energy. Each and ever Divine Bell is tested for the sound OM.

Anti-Radiation Sticker


Continuous exposure to electronic devices such as computers, TV, Cell phone, Microwave, etc is found to be detrimental to physical and mental well being of the users. Electronic pollution has been associated with Electrosmog or electrotyper sensitivity (EHS) which deranges earth's frequency in man.. EHS is defined by the World Health Organization as: "...a phenomenon where individuals experience adverse health effects while in the vicinity of devices emanating electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic fields."

Potential New Risk from Mobile Phones

FRY the Brain & Skin. , A major study found up to a 48-fold increase in the sensation of heat on the user's ear, face or head. (Russia). Mobile phones can increase the temperature on the surface of the skin by up to 4.7 °C. This heating damage could lead to skin cancer.


Higher Cancer Risks Frequent mobile phone users have significantly depressed melatonin — vital cancer preventing hormone. DNA & Immune System Damage. Several studies have shown that mobile phone radiation can cause DNA damage in human cells.


Also, weak radiofrequency radiation similar to the ones emitted by mobile phones can also damage the body's immune system that fights off infections and disease. ) Birth Defects Radiation from mobile phones has been linked with possible dangers to pregnant women and their unborn babies.

  • Anti-Radiation Stickers is used to prevent radiation from Mobile Phone, T.V., Wi-Fi router, Computer and All Electronic gadgets which emit radiation,  it’s based on the principle of cosmic energy transmission.

  • The positive energy released by the EMF protection device balances and keeps us away from the negative effects of Electromagnetic fields radiated from electronic appliances such as CELL PHONES, COMPUTERS, and TELEVISION.

  • It helps prevent our body and mind from the unwanted accumulation of negative electromagnetic resonance. Hence, it prevents stress, fatigue, headaches, lack of concentration and emotional uneasiness caused by using electronic appliances.

  • The pattern of the symbol is designed as per Cosmic Geometry. This creates ample space for storage thereby cosmic energy is received and transmitted. It acts as the conductor of positive energy.

  • The color of the sticker vibrates with the chromatic frequency which enables and accelerates the transmission of cosmic energy vibrations.

  • It is compatible with all types of mobiles and all types of Electronic gadgets.



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