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About Us


LALITHAA HEAALINGS was founded in the year 2007 by Ms. Lalithaa. Being a Holistic Healer and having experience in the energy field for more than 20 years, her mission is to improve people’s Mind, Body and Soul. Lalithaa Heaalings not only provide energy-related services but also teach courses like: Agnihotra and Suryopasana, Sarva Yoga, Pranic Healing, Pendulum Dowsing, Crystal Healing, Angel Therapy, and other energy-related courses.

Lalithaa Heaalings has a team of researchers who on a regular basis does the research and develop the divine energy products. After the creation of Pranakart, Ms. Lalithaa and her team is fully focused on research and development of energy products and providing as well as teaching the divine courses.


PRANAKART is an exclusive divine store for all types of products related to prosperity, crystals, healing, spirituality, and other divine energy products. Founded in the year 2019 by Mr. Rohit Rao who has experience in the energy field for more than 12 Years. The mission of Pranakart is not only to sell the energy products but also to educate the buyer whether the product suits them or how exactly a particular product should be used.


All the products are genuine and quality assured. All the products are cleansed, purified, energized, programmed, and blessed with the help of divine cosmic energy. Pranakart took over the products section from LALITHAA HEAALINGS so as to maintain the sanctity between the divine energy services (Spirituality) and financial transaction (Materialism).

PRANA AGRO "We are what we eat. To be well we must eat well", Prana Agro was founded by Ms. Lalithaa and Mr. Rohit in the year 2020 with the mission to improve the quality of health of the people by providing organic & Natural food and food products. Locally sourced and organically grown produce, we work directly with the farming group who are engaged in natural, chemical-free farming and bring the naturally produced product to the consumers, thus benefiting all those involved in this entire process, Individuals & Community at large. The product we deal with are indigenous varieties and have unique qualities that brings natural flavors as well as nutrients necessary for good health.


Vision statement
To amalgamate the ancient farming principles with the modern technology.

Mission statement
To improve the quality of health of people by providing organic & natural food and food products.


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