All Purpose Spray

All Purpose Spray

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*Disintegrates Unwanted Chords instantaneously, Cleanses & Seals the Holes & cracks in the aura and chakras

* Removes Stress, Negative energies & removes the fear  energy.

* Rejuvenates your energy Body, Mind & Soul.

* Balances the Chakras.

* This Divine spray works with distance healing as well.

* It can be used on any objects, space and on any living beings


Net content weight: 110 ml.

  • Benefits

    We are offering a very special and unique spray – All Purpose Spray/OM Spray which is created to give protection and relief from negative energies and their influences on aura and chakras. This cleansing spray, consists of unique combination of natural essential oils with Divine Blessings. This spray cleanses, purifies and energies the energy body, aura and chakras of the person, this spray can be used on objects to cleanse and energies as well. Crystal blooms when sprayed on them.


    • Disintegrates Unwanted Chords
    • Cleanses the aura & Seals the Holes & cracks in        the aura
    • Removes Stress, Negative energies
    • Removes the fear energy
    • Rejuvenates your energy Body, Mind & Soul
    • Balances the Chakras
    • It can be used on any objects, space and on any living beings

    Note: This is not a substitute for medicine.

Disclaimer: Any Claims made by Pranakart in whichever form either expressly or implied, is based on Feedback, Testimonies by our esteemed customers and our Research. The information provided here is just based on individual experience and should not be treated as medical advice and its results vary from person to person. The benefits may differ from person to person based on their KARMA/ Principle of lag time etc.

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