Education Tower on Dragon

Education Tower on Dragon


Dimension : L x W x H

12 cms  x 5.5 cms  x 16cms


  1. Education Dragon Tower is a very useful Feng Shui remedy and is known to bring good luck in the field of education.
  2. Education Dragon Tower can be placed in various directions like placing an Education Tower in the northwest is good for your financial wellbeing and placing it in the North proves effective for prospective career goals.
  3. Placing an Education Tower on the study table of your child encourage him to perform well in the field of academics
  4. The education tower should be placed on the students table in the east for concentration and focus.

  5. Placing it in the north will bring in job and career opportunities and would be helpful in building up students life.

  6. This will enable them to concentrate in their studies and will depart from distraction and day dreaming.

  7. It will also help in boosting up students confidence, will provide them power to face adverse circumstances and will increase interest towards studies.

  8. The Pyramidal roof shape of the Education Tower also works as a pyramid.

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