Meditation Shawl

Meditation Shawl


Measures 180 cm x .1 cm x 72 cm.

  • Benefits

    This Shawl has Om, Om Mani Padme Hum embossing on it in gold color.

    Both men and women can use it (Unisex), generally it is used while doing meditation or some divine/spiritual activity.

    The concept is that when you wear it,instantly it will connect your energy frequency to when you had last worn, basically your energy is retained in the shawl, and when ever you wear it the energy keeps on increasing.  

Disclaimer: Any Claims made by Pranakart in whichever form either expressly or implied, is based on Feedback, Testimonies by our esteemed customers and our Research. The information provided here is just based on individual experience and should not be treated as medical advice and its results vary from person to person. The benefits may differ from person to person based on their KARMA/ Principle of lag time etc.

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