OM Bell / Tibetan Bell / Vastu Bell

OM Bell / Tibetan Bell / Vastu Bell

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OM Bell also known as Tibetan Bell or Vastu Bell.


Benefits :

  • It removes negative, stress, psychic, depression, etc. energies from the place.

  • It improves the surroundings with positive and harmonious energies.

  • Cleanses and energizes the surrounding when used. Thus the user and the surrounding will be filled with Divine Positive energy.

  •  Each and every Divine Bell is tested for the sound OM.

Hold the top portion of the OM Bell with your non-dominating hand, take the stick in your dominating hand and touch the rim of the bell with the stick and rotate anti-clockwise. Produces OM Sound.

When you touch the rim and rotate your hand anti-clock direction with the help of stick OM sound is produced. This is the Universal sound when this sound comes in contact with negative energies, these negative energies get dispersed.



Disclaimer: Any Claims made by Pranakart in whichever form either expressly or implied, is based on Feedback, Testimonies by our esteemed customers and our Research. The information provided here is just based on individual experience and should not be treated as medical advice and its results vary from person to person. The benefits may differ from person to person based on their KARMA/ Principle of lag time etc.



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