OM Trishul Swastika

OM Trishul Swastika


Dimension : L x W x H

2.6 cms x 0.2 cm x 10 cms

Set of 2

  1. OM Trishul and Swastik are displayed together on the outside of main door on either of side of the main door frame.
  2. These Divine products are used to display pious and religious symbols outside their houses to protect from evil spirits and attract good luck and fortune to them.
  3. This sign known as "TRISHAKTI" can also be used in the office or it can be kept in the purse, briefcase etc.
  4. Cleansed and Programmed with the help of Cosmic Energy and Universal Concept.
  5. If you are into any healing modality you can reprogram according to your modality

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